Ceremonial Packages

Be your most confident self and stress no more about how your wedding ceremony will go on that very special day. I’ll take care of everything for you at Melody’s Marriage Memories in Southbridge, Massachusetts. Find packages suitable to your liking.

Officiate Only

I will perform your ceremony at your wedding site (initial meeting included). Just tell me where and what time.


I can meet you anywhere* and perform a beautiful, prepared ceremony. This is a couple-only ceremony package (initial meeting included).


Just because you’ve decided to get married on short notice doesn’t mean it can’t be special. I will perform a wonderfully prepared ceremony and deliver it to an audience of any size at the location* of your choice.


Deluxe Package

I will meet with you and provide three consultations to help you create a personalized ceremony unique to the love you share. Performed before an audience of any size, I can officiate it at any location* of your choice.


Premium Package

For a memorable ceremony you’ll surely cherish forever, we will work closely to design you’re dream day by having four consultation sessions to make sure you get the desired results. You also will have printed programs for your wedding guests.

I will officiate before an audience of any size at the venue of your choice. For spectacular wedding day outcomes, I will be working with your event coordinators and will also attend rehearsals.


Vow Renewal

Renew your wedding vows and relive that exhilarating moment. Make it as romantic as it was the first time around.


*travel charge for over 50 miles